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Special Projects

Special projects carried out by CT Construction Ltd:

  • Matlock Bypass
    • Reinforced Earth Retaining wall to be taken out of the existing Infrastructure section
  • Chatterly Whitfield Colliery Rehabilitation
    • Reinforced Earth Bridge Abutments  up to 9.0m high
  • Dove Stone Reservoir Community Hydro
    • Principle Contractor to deliver the first high head hydro power plant in England - More information to follow
  • Gurnett Bridge Replacement
    • Skewed in situ reinforced concrete arched bridge
  • Matlock Bypass
    • 200m Long Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall with Concrete High Containment Wall On Top, varying from 3.5m to 8m in height.
  • Stanton Cross, Wellingborough
    • Installed two Award Winning reinforced RECO walls, forming the base of a bridge over the main railway line and a river. Facilitating an access road in preparation for further major developments due to take place within Stanton Cross.
  • A6 MARR (Manchester Airport Relief Road)
    • Constructed the RECO Geostrap retaining walls and bridge abutments, designed to withstand high concentrated loads.

Chatterly Whitfield Colliery - Bridge abutments

Chatterly Whitfield Colliery

Bridge abutments

Dove Stone Reservoir - turbine house excavation

Dove Stone Reservoir

Turbine house

Gurnett Bridge - falsework

Gurnett Bridge


Gurnett Bridge - completed works

Gurnett Bridge

Completed works

Retaining Wall - completed

Matlock Bypass

Completed retaining wall

Stanton Cross RECO wall construction

Stanton Cross, Wellingborough

RECO wall construction

Stanton Cross RECO wall

Stanton Cross, Wellingborough

RECO wall



RECO Geostrap retaining walls and bridge abutments

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