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Special Projects

Special projects carried out by CT Construction Ltd:

  • Matlock Bypass
    • Reinforced Earth Retaining wall to be taken out of the existing Infrastructure section
  • Chatterly Whitfield Colliery Rehabilitation
    • Reinforced Earth Bridge Abutments  up to 9.0m high
  • Dove Stone Reservoir Community Hydro
    • Principle Contractor to deliver the first high head hydro power plant in England - More information to follow
  • Gurnett Bridge Replacement
    • Skewed in situ reinforced concrete arched bridge
  • Matlock Bypass
    • 200m Long Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall with Concrete High Containment Wall On Top, varying from 3.5m to 8m in height.

Chatterly Whitfield Colliery - Bridge abutments

Chatterly Whitfield Colliery

Bridge abutments

Dove Stone Reservoir - turbine house excavation

Dove Stone Reservoir

Turbine house

Gurnett Bridge - falsework

Gurnett Bridge


Gurnett Bridge - completed works

Gurnett Bridge

Completed works

Retaining Wall - completed

Matlock Bypass

Completed retaining wall

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